NFL Continues To Fumble The Ball As National Anthem Controversy Continues With Only 42 Percent Viewing The League Favorably In New Poll 6/18/18 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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A new Fox News poll shows the NFL continues to fumble the ball as the national anthem controversy continues.

The poll reports only 42 percent have a favorable view of the league. That’s down from 46 percent in 2017 and 64 percent in 2013.

The NFL’s new national anthem policy has a 61 percent approval rating. Only 33 percent disagree with the new policy that requires players on the field to stand for the national anthem.

Fifty-four percent of Democrats disapprove of the new policy, and only 10 percent of Republicans disapprove.

Fifty-six percent of black voters disapprove, and 28 percent of white voters disapprove of the new policy.

However, the number that really matters in this poll is that 64 percent of self-identified football fans still have a favorable view of the league and that’s really all the matters because as long as they have their base, nothing seriously is gonna change on this issue. Unless fans stop attending games and buying merchandise, this anthem controversy is gonna continue, even with a new policy.

By the way, I caught some Canadian Football on ESPN 2 Friday night, and all the players stood for the Canadian anthem. 

 I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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