Robert De Niro Is About As Brave Yelling About Trump As A Red Sox Fan Yelling About The Yankees At Fenway Park 6/12/18 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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Once again on Sunday night, Hollywood did their best to help Trump win reelection when Robert De Niro took the stage and yelled profanities at the President.

I’m not sure if they will ever learn that yelling and cussing about Trump is only helping him with his base, and even those that aren’t his base but are decent Americans that are looking at all this and Trump is looking like the reasonable one.

The most hilarious part of all of this is how the media and celebrities rush to a mic or to Twitter to say how “brave” a celebrity is for speaking out. What. A. Joke.

Standing in a room full of people that agree with you 100% about Trump is about as brave as a Red Sox fan saying he hates the Yankees at Fenway Park.

If Hollywood really wants to be brave, how about some of the celebrities go on Fox News and debate Sean Hannity about Trump?

Cussing about Trump isn’t a political argument. Instead of name calling, offer political policy reasons why you don’t like him.

These are the same people that produce PSAs telling kids not to be a bully, to show compassion, tolerance and all they do is cuss about Trump and mock members of his administration including Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Keep it up though, because it’s gonna make great ads for Trump’s reelection campaign. If Hollywood really wants Trump to not win in 2020, they should stop talking. It’s only helping him.

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