Impeachment Fever Hits Primetime TV And It Isn't A Coincidence As Hollywood Hopes To Persuade Public Opinion Against Trump 5/7/18 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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Impeachment fever has hit primetime TV and I’m sure this isn’t a coincidence.

On The CW’s Arrow, the mayor Oliver Queen got impeached.

Over on ABC’s Designed Survivor, President Tom Kirkman almost got removed from office after his mental fitness got questioned.

Showtime’s Homeland kicked President Keane out of office and gave the position to her vice president invoking the 25th Amendment.  

On CBS All Access’ The Good Fight, they’re not even trying not even trying to hide it. The storyline for this season deals with the impeachment of Donald Trump. Most shows make up a fake name, and they just said screw it. Let’s go all in and say Trump.

With Democrats and the media everyday demanding, praying, and hoping for Trump’s impeachment, it isn’t a surprise that Hollywood would follow their lead and introduce storylines where Presidents are impeached in similar circumstances that they’re trying to use to kick Trump out of office.

It’s all an effort to try to influence public opinion in support of impeachment.  Make people feel more comfortable with the idea.

It’s not gonna work, but they can keep trying. What Hollywood doesn’t understand is that the rest of America doesn’t hate Trump like they do, and if they keep going 24/7 with their anti-Trump crusade, people are gonna burn out on it and stop listening to them and just tune them out.

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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