Roseanne's Big League Ratings Stuns Hollywood. Could More Pro-Trump MAGA TV Shows Be On The Way? 4/3/18 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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I’m gonna be honest right at the top. I never watched Roseanne in the 90s and I don’t plan to start now. I’ve just never been interested in that show, but I do understand the plot of it.

I am happy though that the show has turned Hollywood upside down and is causing “soul searching” according to Deadline Hollywood.

The ratings for the show that has a Donald Trump-supporting protagonist is just the latest example of the divide in America as the show had big ratings in the Midwest and the rest of red state America, with Hillary country including New York and L.A., not even topping the top 20 in ratings.   

Historically, in order to have a hit, you’re supposed to have big numbers in New York and L.A., but Middle America made it a hit anyways. It’s like a repeat of the 2016 election and Trump won again!

The only reason this is a shock to Hollywood is because they live in a liberal bubble. They probably couldn’t point to Mississippi on a map if they had to. The rest of us that live in real America and not fantasy land are not surprised by this. The majority of American families are middle class like the one on the show. If Hollywood would step out of their cocoon, they’d learn a lot.

If Hollywood producers are wise, they’ll bring more Trump supporting, middle class appealing shows to TV. They have no idea how big of a market middle class America is. The ratings on these shows would be big league like Roseanne.

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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