Bad News for President Oprah. President Trump is Having Success Like It or Not 1/9/18 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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So Oprah is our next president huh? At least according to Hollywood. It’s amazing. All you need to win the democrat nomination is to give a good speech or read a telempromoter well, doesn’t matter if you have no real substance or ideas in your speeches, just gotta tug at the heartstrings.  

Oprah is gonna have a hard time winning against the current celebrity president because he has a record that is getting better. Love him or not, if you look past all the Trump tweets, and all the circus stuff, and look at the hard facts, Trump is making serious progress on his agenda.

Trump just gave everyone a tax cut, that is only gonna grow the economy and his support, plus the tax breaks on business, that’s gonna be hard to beat.

He’s bringing jobs back for everyone. Record unemployment rate for African Americans, almost a low for Hispanics, stock market setting new highs almost daily, that’s gonna be hard to compete against.

Oprah’s brand is built upon making people feel good and crying. When she starts talking politics, she's gonna alienate half of her fan base & they're not gonna vote for her.

The difference with Trump is that not only is he hilarious, his brand has been built on giving his opinion, people don’t go to Oprah for brash political opinions, they go to her to cry and feel good and when she starts talking about the issues, her favorability numbers are gonna go down.

And here’s another point to ponder. How many millennials are a fan of her? I doubt many are. They didn’t grow up watching her show, I bet many don’t know much about her. It’s gonna be hard for her to beat Bernie for the millennial liberal vote.

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on January 8, 2018 .