America Should "Shadow Ban" Anti-Trump Hollywood By Ignoring Them 2/1/18 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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As predictable as the sun rising, anti-Trump Hollywood lost their minds over his State of the Union address.

The typical Trump hating celebrities fired up their Twitter to let loose about Trump, believing that the majority of America actually cares about their misguided and uninformed opinions. reports that new anti-Trump TV shows will be hitting the airwaves soon, including one from Stephen Colbert.

If the ratings for the low rated Grammys and NFL this season isn’t enough evidence that America is getting tired of the constant Trump hate on TV, movies, and music, I’m sure they’ll be further evidence soon with more Trump hating media hitting the airwaves.

If we haven’t yet, we soon will reach peak anti-Trump media hate, and people that don’t even like Trump are gonna tune out, because this song and dance is gonna get old. If all Colbert can do is crack Trump jokes, then how creative and talented of a comedian is he really? If that’s all he’s got? He’s no Johnny Carson, Letterman or even Leno.

Recently, shadow banning on Twitter was in the news. I believe America should shadow ban anti-Trump celebrities by ignoring their Tweets, don’t even respond or report it in the conservative media. Ditto their movies and TV shows. Just don’t watch it, and if recent ratings are any indication, people already are changing the channel.

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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