Taylor Swift Doesn't Owe the Political Liberal Left (Or Right) Anything 9/6/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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Well, looks like it’s up to me to defend Taylor Swift’s reputation and honor.

The liberal left is upset at the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer because unlike almost every other pop star in the world, she hasn’t gone political. She hasn’t been open about her politics. She hasn’t used her platform to be a political activist for leftist causes. And to the left, this is a problem.

Some on the left are so obsessed with trying to figure out who she voted for in the 2016 election and they are worried that her lack of public politics means she committed the unforgiveable sin of voting for The Donald.

This is all ridiculous. Taylor Swift doesn’t owe the left anything. She isn’t required to use her pop career to be a political activist to push liberal politics, neither is she required to promote conservative politics publicly if she is a conservative.

Taylor not speaking out on politics and just playing songs is one reason she is as popular as she is because people are tired of hearing musician’s political opinions. Nobody cares what Katy Perry’s opinion is. Just play music.

Taylor Swift is a brand and she’s smart enough to know that taking a political stance will alienate half of her audience one way or the other and she knows that Republicans download music. Democrats buy CDs, and giving her political opinion will only cause one side to not like her, and she wants that money. Makes sense to me.

And maybe she’s just isn’t that into politics, which is ok too.  

But just to troll the left though, I wish on her new album she would have the lyrics:

“You said you wanted to make this relationship great again,

Like Trump said he w ants to make America, but you lied.”

If she said that I would die! I would die of laughing! That would be trolling on the expert level!

I’m Chad Whittle and look what you leftist made me do, you’ve made me have to defend T-Swizzle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on September 5, 2017 .