Americans Are Tired of All the Bleeping Cussing in Movies 8/8/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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The Hollywood Reporter released a report on a new Harris poll that showed Americans are tired of all the bleeping cussing in movies.

The biggest offense is using Jesus Christ’s name in vain with 33 percent of those polled saying they’d be less likely to see a movie if they knew that the film would use his name in vain, with G-D coming in second at 32 percent and the ever popular “f-word” in third with 31 percent.

Not surprisingly, millennials are cooler with profanity than older Americans, with those 72 years or older avoiding movies all together that contains those words.

Millennials have grown up in a culture that has pretty much accepted that profanity is just normal, common everyday language that everybody uses so no surprise they’re ok with it since it’s all in music, movies, books and social media.

Republicans are more offended by cussing than democrats and 37 percent of females over males say the “f-word” bothers them. The largest group offended by profanity were Evangelical Christians with 90 percent saying they’d avoid a movie that contains Jesus’s name in vain.

Personally, I believe if you make a movie and you have to drop profanity left and right in the dialogue in the movie, it just shows that you aren’t a very good and creative writer and you’re just trying to use shock value to make people watch your poorly written movie.

Same thing with sex. There are so many TV shows and movies that includes a sex scene just for shock value that doesn’t even make sense in the plot of the movie, but they figure if they show some sexy time then maybe people will go watch their terrible movie.   

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Posted on August 7, 2017 .