The Anti-Trump: Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg Rumored to be Running for President 7/19/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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Obama buddy and creator of the world’s biggest time waster, Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook may run for president in 2020, or at least that’s the rumor anyway.

This is the latest rumor about a celebrity running for the job, if you recall The Rock may run too.

Zuckerburg has been on a trip across America visiting small towns and trying to connect with the people of America.

You know shaking hands, kissing babies, meeting conservative America, which is way different than his Silicon Valley bubble in which he lives.

I don’t believe he’ll run because he has no chance at winning the democrat nomination, and his personality reminds me of Hillary Clinton.

In many ways, he’s the anti-Trump. Totally liberal, a democrat insider. He’s very carefully crafted his public image and is careful to remain politically correct, so don’t look for him to come down an escalator and talk about Mexican rapists or building a wall. Also, he loves cheap foreign labor for Facebook, so there’ll be no wall in Zuck America.

Sure some may say that he could appeal to millennials, but really I’m not sure he’s actually all that popular with them. They know he created Facebook, but I wouldn’t say he’s a celebrity among them. Also, he could he possible compete with The Rock and his likable personality?   

The only thing that can save the Zuckerburg campaign is announcing Tom from MySpace as his running mate, and I’m sure he’s up for it considering he’s free since no one uses MySpace anymore.

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Posted on July 18, 2017 .