The Resistance Against Trump Keeps Getting Rebuffed by the Voters 6/22/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

A Whittle Bit of Commentary with Chad Whittle

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Another election and another Republican win. It’s becoming just the way of life in the age of Trump. Georgia six had a lot of similarities to Trump’s win in November.  Handel got way outspent by the democrats, with a majority coming from Hollywood (just like Hillary). All the polls showed Handel, like Trump was gonna lose bigly, the gap only closed a couple of days before Election Day. Pajama boy had of course, all the media behind him too. You add all that up and this should’ve been a slam dunk for the democrats, except that it wasn’t.

The democrats have a lot of problems with their main problem being that they have no message. Hillary gave no one a reason to vote for her, and the current crop of donkeys have nothing to offer to voters. They have no platform, they are not giving anyone a reason to vote for them. Their only message is that they hate Trump, he’s satan, he’s evil, vote for them. It’s all negative, nothing positive, they have nothing positive, no positive reasons to vote for them. They have no plans for jobs, healthcare, except Trump is terrible. It’s hard to bring people to your side when all you offer is negativity, nothing exciting. Just anti-Trump 24/7. People are tired of hearing that. They wanna know what can the democrats do for them?

Also, it’s obvious that the democrats have no bench. When the leaders of their party is an old socialist and a blast from the 1990s past is their candidate in 2016, they got problems. Their last candidate that had any hope of winning was Obama and he cannot run again. The democrats are gonna lose again in 2018 and not retake the House. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.


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Posted on June 21, 2017 .