I Want My Facebook TV! Social Site to Produce TV Shows. (I Help Out with Possible Show Titles) 5/8/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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 Facebook is planning to launch about two dozen TV like shows in mid-June according to Business Insider. Not surprising considering video is so big on the social site and everybody else is getting into TV, so sure, why not Facebook too? So what type of shows can we expect on Facebook? Well, mostly typical shows such as sitcoms and dating shows, so I’ve created a list of possible Facebook related shows that the social platform should consider producing:

Keeping Up with the Zuckerbergs: Follow Mark around on his exciting shopping journeys as he decides which grey T-shirt to by.

Crazy Uncle Rants: Watch as Facebookers crazy uncles share their crazy Facebook post rants on topics they know nothing about from politics, to sports, to healthcare and more!

Six Degrees of Facebook Friends: We all have those people on our friends list that we know we met once, I mean, we had too, they’re on our friend’s list right? Well, watch as Facebookers learn how they actually know those people on their list who is friend of a friend that you possibly hung out with one night at the bowling alley on the Six Degrees of Facebook Friends!

On Married or Pregnant? Contestants try to guess which of their Facebook friends are getting married or are pregnant so that they’ll know if they need to adjust their news feed settings accordingly in order to avoid the thousands of engagement or baby photos.

OMG! She’s Posting Again? That’s Like the Tenth Post Today! Watch as angry Facebookers get all the frustration over their Friends that use Facebook like Twitter and share status updates all throughout the day.

My So-Called Life as a Disney Princess Watch as girls play out their fantasies of being a real life Disney princess for a day after they take one of those Facebook quizzes that goes viral and probably steals every ounce of your personal data, but man are they fun to play!


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Posted on May 7, 2017 .