Sutherland Springs Texas: It's Time Churches Are Secured and Religious 11/7/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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If you wanted a Norman Rockwell Americana type looking town, you probably couldn’t find a better example than Sutherland Springs Texas.

A small town USA type community where there aren’t a lot of traffic lights, and everyone knows each other. A very small town. The First Baptist Church where this demonic, tragic, disgusting shooting took place Sunday looks like your typical country church where a small handful of believers attend worship on Sundays.

This community is what America of yesteryear looked like. Unfortunately, that America no longer exists as this shooting proves.

After this latest church shooting, it is time for churches to be armed and religious. No longer can houses of worship have an open door policy where anyone can literally just walk in. Churches must have security and people on site that are armed that can protect. This is the new and sad reality for the church in 2017 America. Nowhere is safe from violence, including Sunday school. I would even suggest installing metal detectors at the doors. If someone had a gun there, less people would’ve been killed.

Churches also need to be bold with the gospel and share the truth so they can reach more people in our society with the love of Christ so they don’t let the hate fill their soul like this killer.

In honor of those that died, I conclude today’s commentary with a moment of silence in their honor. God bless them and their families.


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Posted on November 6, 2017 .