New Analysis Shows Media's Coverage of Trump Was Way More Negative Than Past Presidents First 60 Days in Office 10/4/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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Here is the least bit of shocking news you’ll hear all day. According to a new Pew Center content analysis of 3,000 articles from January 21 to April 30 of this year, only 5% of Trump coverage was positive!  62% of it was negative! This covers Trump’s first 60 days in office, and in the analysis they included websites and Fox, CNN and all the cable channels.

Now compare this to Obama. His coverage in early ‘09 was 42% positive and 20% negative. Trump beat out George W. and Bill Clinton in negative coverage as well.

Now should this come as a surprise? Of course, not! We knew this. We didn’t need a content analysis to tell us this. It’s beyond obvious they are anti, never Trump.

The irony in all of this to me is that NBC News is the outlet reporting this! NBC! Their coverage of Trump is almost, always 100% negative!

After seeing how much more negative their coverage of Trump was compared to prior presidents, will this cause the media to have some self-reflection and maybe make them be more objective and more willing to give him a chance?

Not at all! They’re probably gonna be embarrassed that the negative number isn’t higher! Anything other than 99.9% negative coverage of Trump just won’t do.

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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