Trump Needs to Keep the Political Blitz Going in His First 100 Days 1/25/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

A Whittle Bit of Commentary with Chad Whittle

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Trump is marching down the field like Matt Ryan and the Super Bowl bound Atlanta Falcons against Aaron Rodgers. Trump has an all-out political blitz going on right now. Approving the Keystone Pipeline, saying goodbye to TPP, cutting abortion funding, the guy is on a role and he needs to keep it up. Right now is the best time in his entire presidency he is gonna have to pass his agenda because he’s still fresh, has political capital, has the public behind him and has not been slowed down by Congress, and Washington politics.  He needs to keep the full court press up in his first 100 days because it’s all gonna slow down after that and D.C. politics will start to creep in. If there is something controversial. i.e., something that liberals will hate, that Trump wants to do, right now is the time to do it. He isn’t gonna have a better chance than now. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on January 24, 2017 .