I'm Still Down with the dc Talk: My Response to the Cruise Reunion Announcement Backlash 5/12/16

The Following is a Rush Transcript and May Contain Errors:

I’m still down with the dc Talk even after their disappointing announcement. Of course I wanted a new album but instead we got a cruise, I mean boat cruise, not Ted Cruz. I know that it’s expensive and most of us, including myself will not be attending the cruise. To look at it from their perspective, I mean, they’ve got families and other business happening now. TobyMac and Micahel Tait have bands now and they just cannot set that aside and go back to dc talk. And K Max has got his thing going on too. I don’t believe they’ll ever release a new album, but maybe they’ll do a cruise or concert once in a while. Either way, I’ll be a Jesus Freak for life. I’m Chad Whittle on A WhittleBit of Commentary. © 2016 Chad Whittle.

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Posted on May 11, 2016 .