Lights Out for the Night Life: Millennials Are Skipping the Club - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 1/6/16

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50 cent famously said that you could find him in da club, and that may be true but I guess he’ll be there with a bunch of Gen X-ers because according to The Insider Magazine, Millennials are attending nightclubs less than previous generations. Some reasons why they’re skipping out on dancing the night away include the expense, long lines, rude service, and because they can find new music online now. Instead of going out, they’re staying in an watching Netflix, hanging with friends and doing other activities that are cheaper. This may be a good thingbecause a lot of bad things happen at 2am in the morning at these venues. I’m Chad Whittle and you won’t find me in da club, but you will find me on da Whittle Bit of Commentary. 


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Posted on January 5, 2016 .