If Trump Wins Iowa, It's Over. He'll Run the Table - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 1/25/16

A Whittle Bit of Commentary with Chad Whittle

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Iowa is basically here. Finally, it’s about to start getting interesting. Depending on which poll you read, Trump is a head, or Cruz is head in the state. We won’t know which polls are correct until the votes are counted there, but one thing is true and that is if Trump wins Iowa, it’s over. I don’t see how Cruz could stop him after winning there. If he can win Christians there, then I don’t see how he doesn’t win New Hampshire, South Carolina and the rest of the states that are not as conservative Christian as Iowa. Trump may run the table. It’s highly possible. That’s not an endorsement, that’s just looking at the facts. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on January 24, 2016 .