Can the GOP Out Trump Trump? Also, Scott Walker is In for 2016 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 7/13/15

Transcript (May appear different than audio):

I watched Donald Trump’s speech Saturday night from Arizona and as far as crowd size go, if you determined a candidate’s popularity based solely on that, he’s the top candidate for either party. Of course, that’s not how polling and politics work, but the crowd was energized and what’s fun is that the GOP establishment and the media, both of them are worried about Trump. If he keeps speaking out on issues, the other candidates are gonna have to do their best Trump impression in order to stay relevant in the race. Also, it’s being reported that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will announce today that he’s in for 2016. He’s fought a lot of political battles while governor of Wisconsin, and he’s won them, so he could very well be a top tier candidate based solely on his record. Walker though will have to go campaign hard because most Americans have little knowledge of him. It’ll be up to him to chance that. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary. © 2015 Chad Whittle  

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Posted on July 12, 2015 .