Will Technology Advances Help Humans Live Forever One Day and Make Religion Irrelevant? - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 5/26/15

A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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According to a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, within 200 years, humans will become god like cyborgs, which are half human, half robot creatures.  He states that humans will become almost god like thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of man and machine becoming one. When this happens, humans will have no need any more for “fictions” such as religion, because you see, humans will be so advanced that we will be able to solve anything including finding a way to live forever and not die and so therefore there won’t be any need for a god. Let me tell you what this is all about. It’s very simple. Those in Silicon Valley and researchers such as this professor are desperate to find a way to conquer death because they don’t believe in God, and they feel if they can find a way to never die, they’ll defeat God and therefore we as a society will have no need for morality and God. They may feel as if they’re intelligent enough to defeat death and God, but no matter how far technology and knowledge advances we’re all gonna die. And since they don’t have a faith in God, they’re scared to death about dying, as they should be, because the afterlife is really scary if you don’t have a belief in God. I’m Chad Whittle from on the road on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.


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Posted on May 25, 2015 .