This Time Next Year Will You Be Happy with the Winner of the Election? - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 12/1/15

A Whittle Bit of Commentary with Chad Whittle

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This time next year we will once again be wrapping up the Thanksgiving season, and just as importantly, we will have just elected a new President. The question is will the man that is elected the person that you wanted? Will it be the person that’s best for the country? Will it be the man that can bring America back? Well, there is only one way to make this happen and that is you’ve gotta be involved over the next year. No more sitting on the sidelines. We must elect the right person for the job and in order for that to happen we must make sure the Republicans nominate the right candidate. So over the next year encourage your friends, family, to pay attention and learn about the candidates and what they stand for so that we can elect a decent candidate. This election is too important not to nominate a winner. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on November 30, 2015 .