Why It's Good News Younger Americans Are Not Watching TV News A Whittle Bit of Commentary 9/8/14


Moffett Nathanson Research group has a new study out that is reporting that the average age of TV viewing is 44 years old, a 6% increase. Of course, it also showed that younger audiences are watching Netflix and finding entertainment more online than on cable. Personally, I believe this is great news. Maybe this trend will continue and less and less Americans will watch TV news channels. I know that you may say that young Americans should be informed on what is happening in the world, but if the option is MSNBC or PBS, is it really that much better for them to be watching if that’s their source? They’d be just as well off not watching than sitting there and watching those networks because they’re not getting the facts anyways, so keep on streaming Netflix America! I’m Chad Whittle and that’s A Whittle Bit of Commentary.


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Posted on September 7, 2014 .