Carrie Underwood is a Rare, Real Lady & a True Believer in the Music World A Whittle Bit of Commentary 10/1/14

10/1/14 Transcript (may appear different than audio)

In a musical world full of talentless and moral less musicians,   Carrie Underwood stands out as not only a truly talented vocalists, but she also has some class and decency.  In her latest single, she unashamedly sings about her faith and puts God front and center in the lyrics. It’s obvious that she really is a believer because no one in 2014 has to sing a religious leaning song to make it in music, but yet she chose to sing about the Lord. As far as I know, she is living her faith in private as well. She waited until marriage to have a baby, is faithful to her husband, and attends religious services. She doesn’t twerk like Miley Cyrus, she is a real lady unlike Lady Gaga, and she seems like a generally nice person. Is she perfect? No. Do I agree with 100% on issues, no. With all the bad influences in music, If I had a daughter, I’d rather her admired Carrie Underwood than Miley Cyrus. That is for certain. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.  

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Posted on September 30, 2014 .