I'm Cautious About the GOP Winning In November (Because I Have a Closet Full of Romney 2012 Victory T-Shirts) A Whittle Bit of Commentary 9/30/14

9/30/14 Transcript (may appear different than audio)

I continue to read how the GOP will keep the House and win the Senate and please don’t misunderstand, I’m glad to hear this, but I am also cautious because a lot could happen in October, and I am kinda paranoid about an October surprise occurring or something else popping up and taking the win away from the Republicans. I am also concerned that many will assume that the GOP has it won and will stay home and not vote because they just assumed everyone else has so there isn’t any need for them to go vote. Once again, this is very concerning to me. I’d rather hear for the next month that the Republicans won’t win and then have a big surprise on election night. Call me paranoid, but I have a closet full of Mitt Romney 2012 victory t shirts that I never got to wear. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Big of Commentary.


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Posted on September 29, 2014 .