Sometimes the Right Decision is the Christian Choice & Not the Conservative Agenda

Hello, friends before you listen to today's commentary, I want to thank all of you that supported my subscription based model over the past few weeks. I've decided to tear down the pay wall and offer you my commentaries free again because to be honest, it is too time consuming to grow a subscription based service and I don't have the time due to grad school to put my 100% effort behind it. College must come first. So lesson learned. And now enjoy today's commentary!




Eric Erickson of RedState has a good read on his website about how he is increasingly finding a conflict occurring between his Christian faith and his conservative politics. His post made me ask myself what is my own worldview? Is it more influenced by my Christian faith or by my conservative political ideology?  After thinking it over for a while, I’ve decided that yes, my worldview is more Christian based than conservative based. I’m glad about that. However, I am increasing like Erickson moving more toward a mindset of right versus wrong over liberal versus conservative. Sometimes the right decision may be the Christian choice and not the choice that will further the conservative agenda or the Republican Party. I’m Chad Whittle and that’s A Whittle Bit of Commentary.



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Posted on August 24, 2014 .