Republicans Should Create a College Football Like Final Four Bracket for 2016 Presidential Election - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 12/8/14

12/8/14 (transcript may appear different than transcript)

College football released its final four playoff bracket for the new college football playoff system on Sunday. Alabama, Oregon, FSU and Ohio State are all in. Imagine if we had a final four instead of the primaries for the Republican nominee. Would this be a more fair way to pick our nominee? If we did it this way, could we actually end up with a better candidate than getting the same ole boring GOP establishment types?  The Republican Final Four would work like this. We’d have four candidates debate and then Republican voters nationwide would vote on a final two and then those two would debate and then we’d vote again and we’d have us our nominee. If we did this, it’s almost guaranteed that at least one real conservative would be a contender for the party nomination because we’d all be able to have a say and vote for a true conservative. Better yet, it’s guaranteed that a GOP establisher would lose, which would be a touchdown, homerun, victory. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.


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Posted on December 7, 2014 .