Conservatives Shouldn't Be Surprised that the Media Would Mock Christianity -A Whittle Bit of Commentary 12/11/14

12/11/14 (transcript may appear different than audio)

One thing that surprises me is how surprised that religious leaders are always shocked that someone like Seth Macfarlane or a host on tax payer funded NPR would produce an episode or say a joke that mocks Christianity. On a recent episode of Family Guy, the characters try to help Jesus lose his virginity. Yes, you heard that right. On a NPR radio show they made a vulgar joke about Christ. It’s obvious the creators and writers of these shows have perverse minds. While it is offensive and disgusting, we shouldn’t be surprised that someone with the worldview of Seth Macfarlane, that is an atheists would create an episode like this. Nothing that comes out of Hollywood now is shocking to me. Sadly, it’s only gonna get worse.


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Posted on December 10, 2014 .