Who Does America Want to Lead? Conservatives or GOP Establishment? Cruz or McCain? - A Whittle Bit of Commentary 11/12/14

11/12/14 (transcript may appear different than audio)

The Gallup polling group has a new poll out that shows that the American public really wants the Republicans to run things in D.C. The poll found that 53% of Americans want the Republicans to lead the nation’s agenda, with 36% wanting the President to lead. While this is good to hear, I believe a better poll would’ve been to see how many Americans want the Republican establishment versus conservatives to lead the agenda. Republican too generic. I wanna know how many would rather Senator Ted Cruz lead over Senator McCain. The odds would be in Ted Cruz’s favor in a poll like that. America wants conservative leadership, not moderate Republicans that will reach across the aisle and the election proved that.  I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.       


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Posted on November 11, 2014 .