Millennials Will Change America More Than Any Previous Generation Including Baby Boomers A Whittle Bit of Commentary10/22/14

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I don’t wanna come off as sounding selfish and self-centered since today I’m discussing my generation which is known as the selfie and self-centered, entitled generation. That being said, I believe that my generation, Millennials, will be the most important and most influential generation in American history. The country is changing. We all know it. We’ve seen the stories and the evolution our culture is currently in. As with most culture trends, the current one is being led by young Americans. My generation has already changed some industries such as the music business with the iPod and now streaming, TV and Hollywood with Netflix and YouTube, the way we interact with each other via social media, the way we date with the now countless dating websites, religion with more contemporary services, and my generation will also change politics (for better or worse). More and more Americans according to many recent polls are becoming independents and are leaving both the Democrat and Republican parties.  The group that is driving this change are Millennials. Politics of the future may be one where there are many smaller parties instead of just two main ones. Just like Baby Boomers before us, this generation is coming of age at a time of great political and societal change.  Only difference is that this time the change will not be televised.   It’ll be Facebooked, Instagramed, texted, Snapchated, Netflixed and who knows what new technology will be created next. America is changing at the speed of not dial up, but super-fast 4G all in 140 characters per Tweet. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on October 21, 2014 .