If the Republican Party Was a Stock, Would It Be Worth The Investment? A Whittle Bit of Commentary 10/21/14

10/21/14 (transcript may appear different than audio)

This morning I thought about investing in stocks. I’ve never really had a desired to invest in the stock market, mostly because I’m not good with math, and because I don’t really have a lot of money to invest. But for whatever reason, I looked up online trading companies. All this research into trading make me think about the upcoming elections. Let’s pretend that the political parties were stocks you could invest in. After you invested in say the Republican Party, would you feel that you got a good return on your investment? Have they met your expectations? Is the GOP more bull or bear? Would you say their stock is rising or falling? Is it a buy or a sell? These are questions that you’ll have answer for yourself. Me personally, if I did invest money, I’d probably put it all on Apple. It seems like a safer bet than John Boehner. I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.


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Posted on October 20, 2014 .