"This Week in Political Scandal" Reality Show Could Reach Uninformed Voters A Whittle Bit of Commentary 10/20/14

10/20/14 (transcript may appear different than audio)

I’ve got the perfect way to finally make the half of America that are the uninformed voters to finally pay attention and learn what is really happening in the world. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the next great reality TV show: This Week in Political Scandal. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, of course. Aren’t all shows hosted by him? This Week in Political Scandal would highlight all the scandals of the week, and would showcase these scandals in a way that uninformed America loves: with gossip, lies, backstabbing, alliance building, lust, greed…you know when you really think about it, politics isn’t that much different from reality TV. The only difference is that the scandals happening in Washington, unlike The Real House Wives of Where Ever, is all to true and sadly, what happens in this political soap opera actually matters. Sorry, Kim K, but your drama just doesn’t matter. I’m Chad Whittle, scandal and gossip free on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.



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Posted on October 19, 2014 .