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Great Again: ESPN Decides To Avoid Going Broke With Woke Politics

ESPN’s new president Jimmy Pitaro has decided the sports network will no longer be woke so the channel can avoid going broke.

In an interview with the LA Times, Pitaro said their data shows fans of the “Worldwide leader in sports” do not want them to cover sports.

Imagine that. Sports fans don’t want politics on ESPN. Groundbreaking. What took them so long to realize this?

Maybe it was the declining ratings that made the light bulb finally go off?

Moving away from politics on ESPN is the right move, and I’m glad to see the channel is moving in that direction.

Americans watch sports to escape from politics and to relax. No one wants to know what the political viewpoints are of “SportsCenter” anchors or talk show hosts. People just want to know how their favorite team is doing.

With more viewers cutting the cord from cable, I’m glad to see ESPN is on the path to greatness again and maybe even bring some viewers back.

I loved watching the sports channel, but I got tired of hearing politics, and it’s not because they don’t share my politics. I don’t want even to hear my own politics on the channel. I just want to listen to sports talk and get away from the world of politics. It’s good for your mental health.

Hopefully, ESPN will continue down this path of becoming just a sports channel again and the era of WokeCenter as Clay Travis calls it, is in the rear view mirror.



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