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Welcome To A Whittle Bit Of Commentary 2.0! Have We Flushed Our Privacy Away On Our Smart Toilets? Jay-Z Has 99 Streaming Problems With Tidal - 1/18/19

Welcome to A Whittle Bit of Commentary 2.0. it’s the same show you’ve loved for the past five years but in a new weekly and expanded format! Also on this episode: If privacy isn’t already dead, the final nail in the coffin will soon be added as almost every device in our homes will be connected to the Internet. We all have flushed away our privacy on our smart toilets. Jay-Z has 99 problems but the good news is that Beyoncé isn’t one. Bloomberg News reports that Mr. Z's streaming music service Tidal is under investigation in Norway over allegations the music service faked listener numbers that could be in the hundreds of millions of false plays of albums from top artists including his wife.