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Could Twitter Survive If Trump Left And Took His Millions Of Supporters With Him To Another Platform?

For conservatives and pro-life supporters, social media networks are making it harder to spread your opinion and message with others on these platforms.

This week YouTube demonetized Steven Crowder’s channel, and Twitter won’t allow Lila Rose of Live Action, a pro-life organization to advertise on the social network unless she agrees to remove certain anti-abortion photos and language from her ads and site.

So far, Twitter’s most influential user, President Donald J. Trump has not been demonetized or deplatformed, which is smart on Twitter’s part to not censor the POTUS. That’d be some bad PR for Jack Dorsey.

However, what if Trump decided one day that he has had enough of big tech censorship, and he left Twitter for an alternative website where his supporters could speak freely?

Could Twitter survive if Trump told his 40 million followers to leave with him and go to another platform?

It definitely would hurt their stock price if all of a sudden within a matter of days, millions of users closed their accounts and went somewhere else.

Some Twitter users are already switching to a free speech alternative to Twitter called Parler. The app is becoming a popular destination for deplatformed conservatives and others that are tired of big tech censorship on Twitter and Facebook.

Trump’s team is even discussing opening an account due to fears Twitter will censor his posts.

If the president jumped to Parler from Twitter, it could be the #TwitterAdpocolypse for the social networking website as millions of users would abandon and delete their accounts and join Trump.


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