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Parody Joe Biden Website Ranks Higher On Google Than His Real Campaign Website

Comedians and satire kings on social media are going to have a field day with the 2020 presidential election. The hilarious fun has already begun!

While former Vice President Joe Biden is rising in the polls, at the same time a fake Joe Biden campaign website is rising up the Google search results when anyone searches his name., a fake parody campaign account that mocks his “legislative accomplishments” with a list of issues he was against before he was for them (Iraq War for example) and his “hands-on approach” with women ranks higher on Google than his campaign website.

I Googled Joe Biden and other than an advertisement asking you to donate to him, his official website is nowhere to be found, but is the fourth link on the page.

I love satire, and this website and the fact it tops his own campaign website on Google is just classic.

However, if the parody account starts to gain too much traction, Google will probably block or take the website off the top results if the company follows the lead of Twitter that took down an AOC parody account.

The fake site already has a lot of material from Biden’s past with many more moments I’m sure ahead as we edge closer to election day 2020. This race for the White House is going to be a meme bonanza.

Especially if it comes down to Biden v. Trump.


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