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Joe Biden's Real Opponent Is The Internet And Social Media Montages Of His Political Gaffes

With each new poll released it seems Joe Biden’s lead continues to expand on Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and the other 20 plus Democrats running for second place in the 2020 election.

While Biden continues to expand his lead on second place Sanders, the Vermont Senator isn’t his real opponent. It’s the internet.

If we were still living in the 1980s or even the early to mid-90s, Biden would have a better chance of winning the White House because social media and YouTube didn’t exist.

If you search for Joe Biden on YouTube, you will find countless Biden political gaffe clips and montages of classic Biden slip-ups all mashed up into one video.

Go to Twitter, and you’ll see Biden quotes and memes of Uncle Joe touching women inappropriately with retweets galore.

Before the social media era, he could cover these clips up because the media would just ignore him putting his foot in his mouth. However, they can’t do that anymore, especially in the era of #MeToo.

The media can no longer control the narrative like they did before because if they don’t report on a trending clip, their audience will call them out on social media. Of course, they can just pretend the clip isn’t a big deal when they do report it but once the clipped is out online and on-air they can’t convince every viewer it isn’t offensive what he’s said.

Biden may still win the nominee in the end, but in the general election, the YouTube clip montage could be his political downfall.

Biden’s past does not sit well with the base of the Democrat party. Many of them don’t like him because they believe he isn’t far left enough. Add multiple #MeToo moments and no endorsement from AOC, and it’s a recipe for election disaster for the man from Scranton.


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