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Microsoft To Release Woke Version of Word That Helps Make Your Grammar More Politically Correct

Microsoft plans to release a woke version of their popular Word program in June that will use artificial intelligence to help make your writing more politically correct. The new "Ideas in Word" feature will underline words or phrases that may be insensitive and suggest corrections according to Fast Company.

The company isn't branding it as a PC checker, but that's basically what it is. The new AI feature will also highlight words and phrases that could be considered showing gender bias.

For example, instead of "Congressman," it might change it to "Congressperson."

President Donald Trump becomes President Hillary Clinton. Ok, I made that one up.

"Disabled person" becomes "person with a disability."

The AI feature might suggest you changing "gentlemen's agreement" to "unspoken agreement."

The updated version of Word will also include checks for clarity in writing, conciseness, punctuation, and "sensitive geopolitical terms."

If you want your writing to be less woke, you can turn off the new grammar checks in your settings. However, if you do turn off the woke grammar checks, AOC receives an alert, and she will Tweet you and tell you that was "not cool."


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