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Will 2016 Be The Last Fair Election In History? States Passing National Popular Vote Bills Making Electoral College Irrelevant

It's ironic that 2016 may be our last fair election considering all the screaming and yelling that Trump cheated and colluded. The Washington Times reports the Nevada Senate approved a National Popular Vote bill that will allow the state to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote.

Nevada and 14 other states including the District of Columbia, have joined together to form the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, will require electors in participating states to vote for the national vote-winner instead of the candidate that receives the most votes in their home state.

They're making their states and the votes of their residents irrelevant! This is crazy!

Why even campaign in Nevada, Colorado, Delaware or New Mexico when they're just gonna give the state to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote? You'd be wasting time and resources.

If other states adopt this, California, Florida, Texas, Ohio, New York and a couple of other large populated states will be the only ones that matter.

This is why we have the Electoral College. So that even small states have a say in electing the president.

If I'd lived in one of these states, I'd be outraged.

It's an attempt to change the rules to their favor because Trump won which will make it all the more hilarious if he wins the popular vote in 2020 and then Nevada electors have to vote for him.

If America doesn't have a unified voting system that every state follows, our elections could become chaos. What if other states decide to create their own system and rules in the future? We could have multiple states with multiple voting systems, which would be a disaster for our elections.

The Electoral College has served us well every four years. I've never wanted the election process changed so a political party I support had a better chance of winning after a president won I didn't like. I understood how important having fair elections is to the continued success and future of America.

Changing the rules just because you don't like the outcome doesn't serve the country well and will make more question the legitimacy of our elections.

The odds of this backfiring on the participating states is very good and maybe even as soon as 2020 when Trump wins.

Radio Free Trump: Radio Stations Going All Trump All The Time 24/7

Podcast Transcript:

Some radio stations are going all in on Trump.

Three stations in the Panama City area announced they will air two-minute clips of speeches by President Trump every hour until Election Day in 2020.

A station in Connecticut, WDRC, has Trumped the Florida stations by rebranding itself as ‘Trump 103.3.’ The station plans to air conservative talk shows from Mike Gallagher, Bill O’Reilly, and Ben Shapiro.  

This is a great way to pump up Trump fans.

However, under FCC rules, stations must allow airtime to any candidate running for office. So they are required to offer Democrats airtime for advertisements.

I hope Democrats are invited on the station regardless of FCC rules because it’ll just be fun to hear “And joining us now on Trump 103.3, it’s Bernie Sanders.”

I’m Chad Whittle with a Whittle Bit of Commentary.


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