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Silicon Valley Wants You To Vote On Your Smartphone For President And It'll Be A Computer Hacker's American Dream

If you got tired of hearing Democrats complaining the 2016 election was unfair the Russians colluded with Trump by hacking voting machines, you’re really going to want to turn off the TV in future elections.

The wizards of Silicon Valley have a new scheme to “help make our elections fairer,” and it’s an idea that will be a computer hacker’s American dream come true.

According to, Bradley Tusk, an investor that invested in Uber among other companies, is behind a new push allowing mobile voting in U.S. elections that would allow Americans to vote for president on their nearest smartphone instead of their nearest polling station.

There is a bad idea for so many reasons.

One, the cost of implementing this would cost states you have to assume millions of dollars because what doesn’t cost millions of dollars to implement?

Two, how can they stop from third-party hackers from hacking machines and changing votes and stealing voting data. If the government couldn’t stop Russia from “hacking” our current voting machines, how do they plan to keep our data safe on an app from hackers, both foreign and domestic?

Imagine a future where a computer hacker threatens to expose how you voted online unless you paid him off. It could happen.

Third, it’ll never increase voter turnout like he says it will. Other countries have tried it, and so far, it hasn’t really made a difference in voter turnout.

User data is stolen all the time online, with the latest example Quest Diagnostics and I’d much rather my voting data not be stolen.

Call me old fashion, but I’d rather risk having some hanging Chads in Florida due to paper ballots than risk having my data exposed all over the internet.


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