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Trump Has A Big League Advantage No Other Republican President Has Ever Had If Democrats Try Impeachment: An Influential Conservative Media

The Democrats are once again ramping up the impeachment talk to help fundraise for the 2020 campaign, and because of the #EpicFail that was the Mueller investigation that concluded Trump did not collude with Russia.

While many Democrats may think it’s a slam dunk if they do decide to impeach Trump on Trumped up charges, Trump has a big league advantage that didn’t exist when Nixon resigned.

Today in 2019, Trump has a vast and influential conservative media that no one could have even predicted when Nixon was facing accusations.

During Nixon’s era, you had three broadcast networks, multiple national and regional newspapers/magazines that almost all were mainstream left-leaning outlets.

While it’s true today the majority of the media is still liberal, unlike in the 1970s, you have multiple influential conservative media outlets that would offer a balance to the Trump hating impeachment coverage that would dominate mainstream media outlets.

Watergate possibly could’ve gone different for Nixon if Sean Hannity and Fox News existed then. Plus, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and the rest of talk radio reaches millions of listeners per day.

There are also powerful online sources including The Daily Caller and Breitbart that would spread facts and information the rest of the media would not report.

In addition, there is BlazeTV, YouTubers and conservative bloggers posting on social media.

And of course, there is the biggest pro-Trump media megaphone of them all: Trump’s Twitter page.

Democrats can Tweet and comment all they want that Trump is Nixon 2.0 and they can give impeachment a shot, but it would be nowhere near as easy as it was with Richard Milhouse.

Trump has an advantage no other former Republican president has, and that is a vast right-wing media on-air and online that would be ready to come to his defense. If you’ve seen the ratings recently for CNN and how badly Fox News dominates them, I think I like Trump’s odds.


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