We Need A Well-Funded Pro-Family Conservative Alternative To Netflix

The reaction by Hollywood to recent pro-life legislation that has passed in multiple states once again exposes how the leaders in the entertainment industry really feel about conservatives and Christians.

Some actors and production companies have threatened to pull productions from the state, including Netflix. Not filming in the state is, of course, their right as is sharing their opinion on the issue.

Those that have pro-life positions also have the right to share their opinion verbally and financially.

New movies and TV shows that are released are becoming increasingly not only vulgar but anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-family.

Hollywood can produce whatever they want, and we can vote with our wallets about the content we view or do not watch.

The good news is in 2019 there are options for families. You longer have to expose your kids or waste your money on entertainment that does not share your values.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime are the big three in streaming, but there are family friendly alternatives, including PureFlix that offers Christian based movies and shows.

However, if we're honest, though, it's hard to find quality and entertaining content. While there are PureFlix and a couple other Christian and conservative based streaming services, there isn't one that can match the quality of a Netflix.

Of course, Netflix is a huge company with massive stacks of cash they can use to invest in programming that smaller streaming companies do not have.

We need a well-organized, well-funded pro-life, pro-family alternative to Netflix that provides quality content for families and Christians to watch. I love watching TV shows, but I'm tired of supporting companies that ridicule my beliefs and my faith.

I know saying cutting the cord or canceling streaming services is easier said than done because each service does offer some good content. However, overall, these companies do not respect our values.

If a company started a streaming service that offered content that came close to matching the quality of Netflix, there are millions of families and Christians/conservatives ready to subscribe.

If the trend continues with Hollywood producing vile content, the need for an alternative streaming service will only grow.


Chad Whittle, Ph.D. holds a doctoral degree in mass communication and is the host of A Whittle Bit of Commentary. Subscribe today to his podcast on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Google Play. Read his daily column at ChadWhittle.com and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.