Canada Basically Bans Pro-Life Movie "Unplanned" From Movie Screens. Will An Anti-Trump Zombie Movie Be Banned For Content Too?

The pro-life movie "Unplanned" has been basically banned from Canadian theaters according to LifesiteNews.

The largest theater chain in Canada, Cineplex, that controls 80 percent of movie screens in the nation has rejected to screen the film, thus making it almost completely banned from theatergoers. In addition, Mongrel Media, the largest distribution company in Canada, also turned down the film reports The Daily Wire. Canadian law states a film can only be shown in theaters if the movie has a distributor.

The movie contains no adult language, nudity/sexual content but does contain some violence related to an abortion procedure so the movie companies can't say the film was not approved due to content. Most movies have violent content so it's obvious the film wasn't picked up due to its pro-life message.

"When Women Rule the World," a new B zombie movie being presented at the Cannes Film Festival Market does its impersonation of Kathy Griffin on the movie poster with a bikini-clad Melania Trump-type character.

Currently, the zombie movie that I'm sure is terrible, doesn't have a distributor. However, if the film picks up a distributor, it will be interesting to see if Canadian movie chains will be willing to show this violent, politically charged film. My guess is that it'll have a much better chance at appearing on Canadian screens than "Unplanned."

Like the pro-life movie, this zombie movie has a political viewpoint and is violent like "Unplanned," but in the eyes of the movie industry both here nationally and internationally, this will probably be considered "art" since this movie is full of anti-Trump politics.

No president should be depicted in that way regardless of which party he is a member of because it's disrespectful and disturbing, to be honest.

Between the basic banning of "Unplanned" in Canada and the movie poster for the zombie movie, I'm reminded once again that I don’t share the values of Hollywood.


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