Things Go From Bad To Worse For CNN: Tucker Carlson Beats Their ENTIRE Primetime Lineup Combined!

Things for CNN have gone from bad to worse.

First, Robert Mueller did not find collusion with Russia.

Now, as if that isn’t bad enough, Tucker Carlson at 8 p.m. on Fox News beat the ENTIRE CNN primetime lineup in the ratings!

Last week, CNN’s primetime lineup received an average of 2.4 million viewers while Carlson averaged 3.4 million viewers. According to Nielsen, Chris Cuomo received 875,000 viewers, Anderson Cooper received 810,000 viewers and Don Lemon 789,000 viewers. In total, Carlson beat all of them combined by around a million viewers.

This has to be incredibly embarrassing for CNN. However, if you look at recent ratings for CNN primetime, most of their shows are just above a million total viewers in primetime or less.

The Washington Times reported Fox News primetime ratings were up 11% in the last year while CNN fell by 11%.

CNN went all in on the Russia collusion narrative so after two-plus years of reporting that it was all but a certain, once it was proven to be false, it was easily predictable due to their reporting that they’d lose viewers.

The problem for CNN is can they replace or bring back the viewers they’ve lost?

In a world of thousands of other sources online including social media for news, the answer is no.

CNN’s dominant days are over. In fact, it really started when they replaced Larry King. That was the first of many bad programming decisions. King had millions of viewers compared to Piers Morgan.

The network could recover if they want back to news and not anti-Trump 24/7 but there is more evidence of Russia collusion than there is they’ll ever consider doing that and as you know, there was no Russian collusion.


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