Don't Believe The Made-For-TV Televangelist Version Of The Gospel That Wants You To Fund Private Jets. Jesus Would Fly Economy Class

Regardless of the industry or social situation, there are fakers, liars, and scammers. There are dishonest cops, lying accountants, scammers that will cheat you out of money in a Ponzi scheme, and just overall bad people that you may come into contact with. Of course, most people are decent.

Religion is no different. There is a multitude of really awesome, caring, and heartfelt preachers all doing it for the right reasons. You also have some that for example, believes God told them you need to donate to his $54 million new jet fund.

I’m talking of course about televangelists. We all could name a hand full of them that we all question what their real purpose is for being on TV.

The televangelists that go on TV and say that God is about to bless you with a million dollars or you’ll be cured of sickness if you buy their holy water are doing great harm to the gospel by not preaching the actual Bible. In addition, they are also scamming people out of money by twisting the message of the Bible.

If I’m not a Christian and I see a preacher on TV saying something ridiculous like God wants you to donate money to his new jet fund, I can understand why they might not want to wake up on a Sunday morning to go to a church service. All they see is hypocrisy.

It’s so important that those of us that are Christian help point our non-Christian friends to Biblically based preachers so they won’t be swindled by religious snake oil salesmen in a cheap suit promoting an unbiblical prosperity gospel. These charlatans give the really good TV preachers a bad name.

I can’t look inside the hearts of these men (and women) that are on TV to know if they’re doing it for the right reason or if somewhere along the road, it started becoming more about money than the gospel. Regardless, they have done great harm to the cause of Christ.

People are searching for something real and truthful (especially millennials) which is why they seek out televangelists. However, too many times they don’t see real, but instead they see fake.

In a media world of fake Hollywood productions, the one place they should be able to find something real is on Christian television. Sadly, in many instances, they see a preacher that has more bling than a rapper at the top of the Billboard charts.

It’s true. Jesus wouldn’t ride a donkey today, but he probably wouldn’t have three jets either. He’d probably fly economy class.


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