Will Trump Make America High Again By Allowing More Legalization Of Marijuana During His Term?

Marijuana is now mainstream in not only American pop culture, but in American politics. You need to look no further than in one of the reddest of red states, Texas, for proof that pot may top the list of previously forbidden items that will soon be legal.

Forbes reported delegates at the Republican Party of Texas convention voted to approve the decriminalization of marijuana, medical cannabis, and industrial hemp. They also want the federal government to change cannabis's classification from a schedule 1 drug.

A recent Quinnipiac poll found 61 percent of Texas voters support allowing adults to legally possess small amounts of Mary Jane for personal use. Thirty-four percent were opposed. The poll reported 51 percent of Republicans oppose legalization as well as 51 percent of those 65 and older. However, every other demographic wants to light up.

President Trump earlier this month stated he supports pending bipartisan legislation that allows states to implement their own marijuana legalization laws without federal interference including states that have already decriminalized or legalized the drug.

With America already facing an opioid crisis, I believe President Trump and the Republicans are wrong to support any legislation that will make it easier for Americans to have access to a dangerous drug like marijuana.

While Hollywood turns pot use into a joke, they ignore the real-life side effects of use including a higher risk of suicide later in life by teenagers that regularly use pot, the risk of heart disease doubling from use, the dangerous carcinogens contained in marijuana, and the quadruple risk of depression coming from use.

When a young person becomes hooked on marijuana and then possibly other drugs later, Hollywood celebrities won’t be there to pick up the shattered pieces of a broken young man or woman.

If you want real life examples other than just words on a screen, Google videos from Dr. Phil’s show on how drugs have impacted his show’s guests lives. It’s a sad situation to view. Or, just look around in your own community and you will find many whose lives have been ruined by trying marijuana just once.

If President Trump and the Republicans want to protect American children and families, they must support efforts against further legalization of marijuana. It will only increase the drug epidemic in America.


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Posted on June 24, 2018 .