Free Thinking Kanye West Gives Groupthink Hollywood The Ultimate MAGA Meltdown

Kanye West is giving liberal Hollywood their biggest Trump meltdown yet. He’s breaking the most important rule about being a celebrity: thinking for yourself.

If you’re a celebrity, you’re not supposed to go against the liberal dogma. Remember, it’s Democrat good, Republican bad.

Obama the best president ever, Trump the worst thing ever in human history.

And repeat this mantra until you can say it in your sleep.

The reaction to the Kanye Tweets by the liberal left is really showing which side actually believes in free speech and free thought.

Newsflash. It’s not the left.

Stephen Colbert said he’s lost his mind. Director James Gunn called him a lunatic. And the list of celebrities goes on and on.

All of this Kanye hate, all because he offered up his opinion. Since his viewpoint doesn’t follow the liberal playbook, where no thinking is allowed, now they all hate him.

It’s just like with Trump. If Trump was still a private citizen running the Trump organization, all the celebrities that bash him now would be the first ones in line to attend a Trump NYC party. Now that Trump is a Republican president and isn’t on board with their agenda, instead of respecting his opinion, they all pretend they have always hated him.

If they really believed in free speech, even though they don’t agree, they would respect Trump’s and Kanye’s opinion.

Hollywood lives in a bubble where everyone shares their viewpoint. It’s almost like a cult. Kanye has popped that bubble.

They would be more than happy to let him back into the clique, but only if he is willing to not use logic, reason and stop coming to his own conclusions.

I believe there are a lot of Kanye’s in the entertainment business that are getting tired of having to hide their opinion and play the liberal media’s game. Kanye could be the beginning of celebrities speaking out.

Kanye, if you’re reading this, you’re about to find out who your real friends are in Hollywood and those that are the fakes. Your real friends will still support you. They won’t bash you or leave you simply for having an opposing opinion.

America, pop some popcorn. The full MAGA meltdown of Hollywood has only begun.


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