The Left, The Media And Never Trumpers Are Buzzing And Dreaming About A Nikki Haley 2020 Primary Challenge If Trump Impeachment Doesn't Become A Reality

Each week it seems the media and the Democrats throw something up against the wall in hopes that it’ll stick and Donald Trump will be impeached. Or, he will be so ashamed he’ll have to resign.

So far, nothing has stuck, so the DNC’s latest attempt is to sue basically everybody for them losing the election in 2016 including the Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks.

However, I’ve notice something more important and more interesting that is starting to gain some press buzz over this silly fundraiser that is disguise as a lawsuit.

The Democrats and Never Trumpers have a growing dream that Trump does not run for reelection. If that dream fails, their back up plan is that Nikki Haley challenges him in the primary or she teams up with Mike Pence on a ticket.

This Mike Pence/Nikky Haley dream team they’ve got going on in the media isn’t going to happen because I don’t see Mike Pence going against Trump. He seems to be a very loyal guy. For Haley, as Hillary Clinton found out, it’s hard to run away from the foreign policy of your predecessor when you had a big part in that policy since you worked for the previous administration.

Plus, if Haley did run, there isn’t enough support in the GOP for her to win the nomination. The Trump voters would be so upset at her for running against Trump they wouldn’t vote for her in 2020. However, the 2024 election is a different story.

Nothing is impossible I suppose, but I don’t see Trump giving it up after four years because Trump loves to win. If he still has a lot of his support (or more depending on how the economy does) why would he not run?

If the Democrats take back Congress and have the votes to impeach him, then instead of being impeached, he could step aside after four years. However, impeachment even with a Democrat majority is a long shot because they’ll need public support to try it. Right now that support isn’t there.

Instead of dreaming of impeachment or a Nikki Haley run in 2020, the left and Never Trumpers should wake up from their dreams and join the rest of us in reality. Their dreams have “yuge” (as Trump would say) odds of becoming true.  


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