God's Kingdom is Colorblind. And That’s a Beautiful Thing. If Only We Could Have Heaven on Earth! 1/13/18

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While going through a box of CDs to sale, I came across “WOW: The 90s (in case you aren’t a 90s youth group church kid reading this, the WOW CDs collection contained the biggest contemporary Christian hits of the 1990s) and in a moment of nostalgia, I started playing the songs – on Spotify, not via CD. Come on, it’s 2018, no one uses CDs anymore.

While scrolling through the songs, I came across “God so loved” by Jaci Velasquez. I’ve always enjoyed that song and its message. I’ve even enjoyed the Spanish version she recorded of it. Although, I’ve never been able to understood all the words since I don’t speak Spanish, at least I’ve been able to understand the chorus: “Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo,” so that’s something I guess. I hope that’s translated right. I used FreeTranslation.com, so if it’s wrong, I blame them! I’ve always thought it’s a pretty song regardless of my translation.

While listening to the Spanish version, I started thinking about Heaven, and how God’s kingdom is colorblind. And that’s a beautiful thing. God loves you no matter your race, no matter where you’re from, no matter what you’ve done.

One day people from all races and places, speaking all languages, will come together to lift their voices to worship God, and when that happens, it’s gonna be a beautiful sound. Just imagine, all languages in unison, from America, to Mexico, to Africa, to China, to New Zealand, and all places in between, with one voice singing together in Heavenly harmony.

Here on Earth, there isn’t a Heavenly chorus in unison, as there are those that are not kind, that do not care, and in some instances, hate others, simply because of their race.

And it’s sad.

If we all treated each other with love and kindness, we all could have a little taste of that Heavenly harmony on Earth. 

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Posted on January 13, 2018 .