15 Reasons You Know You're Good Friends with Chad Whittle

1. You know he has a deep nostalgia for the 1990s and can quote and sing random pop hits.

2. He does NOT like most country music, but he will definitely tell you about bands that you've never heard of and how much better alternative rock is than country.

3. You know he loves radio.

4. You know where he stands on this important issue. Duh. Jordan.

5. You know that this is the greatest song ever written.

6. You know he's no Mets fan.

7. He can quote almost every episode.

8. You know he has political opinions and you know where he stands.

9. You know he may act all serious in class & at work, but odds are he's sent you a silly voice message or video of him singing Taylor Swift, which is when the real, silly Chad Whittle comes out.

10. You know the reason he probably wrote this page is so you'll click on it so he'll get a page view on his website, because it's business.

11. He loves football and all sports (except soccer, because this is America). Duh.

12. He's getting his PHD and going to become a professor.

13. You know he's always up for some Chick fil a.

14. He does NOT like the Florida Gators at all.


15. You know that he's a pretty nice, smart guy that will always have your back because he's a pretty darn good friend to have.

Posted on February 14, 2016 .