America Deserves Better, More In Depth, Effective Debates

I have lost count on how many debates we’ve had so far and it’s not even summer or fall yet. If I read it right online yesterday, there are multiple Republican debates left to go this election cycle. It’s almost getting to be ridiculous how many debates there are.

The debates, not surprisingly, have become media events that are designed to benefit the host network more than it seems to provide information for the American citizenry. This isn’t aimed at a specific network, but an overall generalization. When you watch the debates, do you really learn a lot of new information from the candidates? Have they had a chance to go into detail about their positions, or have they just been able to speak long enough in order for the network to have a sound bite they can use the next day and on their social network pages? As far as networks go, overall, Fox Business and Fox News have done the best job in the debates.

The networks make millions from these debates and the moderators are able to build their career profile from these events. We’ve seen many examples of this. Each candidate and moderator has had bad moments and good moments, but really overall each debate is the same arguments, the same topics. Nothing really new, except which candidate that night is the new target for everyone else to attack.

I think there are better ways to conduct these debates where you could learn more information about the candidates. Why not allow each candidate 20-30 minutes to discuss in detail their platform? No interruptions. Then at the end, the candidates can debate each other and what has been said. The ones that are polling low could be streamed online in an undercard discussion as the other lower tier debates have been.

America deserves a better and more in depth and effective debate format. 

Posted on January 30, 2016 .