Now is the Perfect Time for Something Spiritually Amazing to Happen

The death of Christianity has been greatly exaggerated. I say that because some are wondering because of recent culture changes here and around the world if it’s over for religion in general, because we have entered a progressive post-Christian era here in America.

Sure, Christians make up the majority of the U.S. population, but the key here is that they don’t make up the majority of thinking at the levels of influence and power: government, education, science, finances and the media.

Without controlling the institutions mentioned above, the odds really are against Christians spreading their message. Yet, the gospel continues to influence and spread because if you believe the gospel like I do, then you know you shouldn’t bet against it making a comeback.

Kings and kingdoms throughout history have tried to stop the gospel, but none have been able to.

America has seen tough times before, times when it seemed it was over for religion in America and then the Great Awakenings happened and revival led to spiritual renewal.

Right now, is the perfect time for something amazing to happen.

For spiritual renewal.

For restoration of our country.

It’s when it seems that it’s over and all hope is lost is when a God-sized miracle happens.

Remember Daniel in the Lion’s Den?

Remember the Revolutionary War?

Remember that time in your own life when He stepped in?

I want everyone in America to have a better and happier life and I feel the only way to have true peace in life is through having a personal faith.

Some may say I’m crazy to believe that Christianity and faith can make a cultural comeback in America, but I would remind you that people said Jesus was crazy…until the third day.

I wouldn’t bet against Him. He’s got a great track record of winning.

Christianity isn’t dead, because He’s alive.  

Posted on July 3, 2015 .